Tacit is a professional network for empowerment of the African community.

Learn difficult to teach abilities directly from the masters. Acquire the nearly impossible skills to add more value to yourself. Have more that you know that you can do.

Tacit focuses on:

  1. Technical & Mechanical skills,
  2. Decision making skills,
  3. Research skills,
  4. People skills,
  5. Leadership skills,
  6. Strategic Thinking skills,
  7. Tactical Execution skills.
  8. Design: ability to imagine and create, bringing to life what doesn't exist

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Tacit is a professional network for empowerment of the African community at home and diaspora, teaching skills that are difficult to teach and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. With a focus on unlocking the untapped potential within the African community, Tacit aims to empower individuals and create a network of change-makers.

Tacit offers a comprehensive platform that brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Through its unique approach, Tacit provides a space for learning and skill development that goes beyond traditional methods.

Tacit is teaching skills that are difficult to teach through conventional means. From business development to leadership skills, Tacit offers a range of courses and resources designed to equip individuals with the practical knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen field.

The platform also offers mentorship programs, connecting experienced professionals with aspiring individuals. This mentorship program allows for personalized guidance and support, offering invaluable insights and advice from industry experts.

Tacit understands the power of community and the importance of networking. Through its platform, members can connect with like-minded individuals, form partnerships, and collaborate on projects that drive positive change. The network also facilitates access to job opportunities, internships, and business connections, creating a supportive ecosystem for professional growth.

Whether an individual is looking to develop their skills, explore new career opportunities, or find mentorship, Tacit provides the necessary tools and resources. It is a platform that not only empowers individuals but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration.

Tacit is dedicated to the empowerment of the African community. Through its unique approach to skill development, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, Tacit is creating a platform for personal and professional growth. Join Tacit today and be a part of the movement to create lasting change within the African community

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