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The British School of Excellence London UK in collaboration with FREE AFRICA ALLIANCE

Gain an internationally accredited qualification. Upgrade yourself, Connect with like-minded teachers globally who share your interests and values. Meet our faculty members from six continents and Maximize your professional impact

Course Syllabus

  1. Rethinking Education: nurturing creativity, collaboration, and innovation in schools
  2. The emerging future of Learning: Why schools need to change to keep up with today's kids
  3. The metamorphosis of Education: (Re-establishing parental beliefs in Online education, Redefining the teaching-learning process, Re-structuring the 3 pillars of education: Curriculum, pedagogy, evaluation)
  4. Leading Right: understanding Leadership and your role in preparing children for the challenges of the future
  5. The power of Etiquette and manners
  6. Emotional Intelligence

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from The British School of Excellence London UK

Course fee: $80 (Special discounts available for group of teachers and proprietors' associations in a state or region. A group of 500 teachers has already registered for this course and they will be participating together from a physical conference hall streaming from our website)


Teach The Teacher Learning Revolution... an intervention for transformation of schools in Africa

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